Mum’s the word

Well, it’s been a very frantic and worrying week so far, involving a wonderful mother-in-law, a broken neck (amongst other injuries) and a whole lot of time hanging round hospital. Things are looking very hopeful now though, so we are all allowing ourselves a small sigh of relief; phew, I think we got away with things this time!

To relieve the tension I have been baking/constructing my own mum a birthday cake for her 60th birthday! Firstly, wow, 60! My mum is officially an old-age-pensioner! I don’t think I’ll remind her of that too much on the day, although I am sure it’s not something you can ignore indefinitely. I have made a Nigella cake from the ‘Feast’ cookbook. Lovely Nigella. It’s a malteser chocolate cake and it looks just like the picture, so I am very pleased. I didn’t buy 60 candles though, as I thought this would melt the yummy buttercream icing – I spent hours minutes making that in the food processor! The secret ingredient is that peculiarly British bedtime beverage, Horlicks, to give it a malty taste (I know, I licked the spoon), so I think it should go down a storm – who doesn’t love Maltesers? I feel safe mentioning all this here as I know that the novelty of the internet hasn’t pervaded into the maternal home.

I will take pictures, of the cake tomorrow if nothing else.

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    23 February 2007 at 16:58

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

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