On the run

Well, the treadmill is built and is in position (not by me, admittedly – don’t want to overdo things though). Yes, it is kind of being used to hang clothes on right this second, but they are my running clothes, so kind of okay. I’ve got new trainers, jogging bottomsetc. I look the biz. No, really. I decided to take the advice of the instruction manual and take it easy to start with – I just did one km at a brisk walking pace. Jesus, I think this has been a wise purchase as it was a lot harder than I expected it to be! I didn’t totally hate it though – in fact I quite enjoyed it. I guess it’s been long enough now since the terrorizing school P.E. lessons. They made us run three times around the varasity-ground to WARM UP before a game of hockey, you know. Twenty odd years later it seems I am finally over it.

Not to bang on about it or anything, but these MUCH too frequent sports lessons at school were bound to kill me one way or another. If not by physical over-exertion, then by coming into contct with any of the used syringes/dog shite/used johnnies that littered the public field we had to use. We were always cheered on by local down-and-outs and the truants bunking off from the local boys’ school, so I suppose that was nice. But like I say, I’m over it now!

Only five and a half years until the Olympics hit London. I’m totally ready, man – bring it on!

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    8 January 2007 at 23:18

    ha ha… you remind me of me….
    My exercise bike arrived three weeks before Christmas… it was finally put together on New Years Eve.. and.. although it has been used every day since… its also a great place to hang clothes after they’ve ben ironed….
    I’m thinking I might not make it to Tour De France standards THIS year…..

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