One, that’s one cavity! Ha ha ha!

On Saturday I went to the dentist, it’s the first time I have been for over ten years so I was a tiny bit anxious. This dentist backs onto a butchers shop (renowned for its prize-winning sausages incidently), so I tried hard not to think about any Sweeney Todd type scenarios!

I was a little disappointed that there were no 14-year-old copies of Reader’s Digest to while away my time in the waiting room, but I suppose being fully-conversent in how their fire-extinguisher works is a more practical use of my time.

The dentist himself was very lovely and very Latvian – think Count von Count from Sesame Street but with an angled mirror and a saliva vacuum, giving a cheery laugh every time he finds a cavity.

Actually it wasn’t so bad, just one filling needed and some descaling (will they use the same stuff I put in my kettle)? This is my first visit to the dentist since 1996 – just think of all the money I have saved in that time that I can now spend on extra-chewy toffees and candy floss. Yum.

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