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What a really lovely weekend. Firstly there was the weather, you know how I love to go on and on about the weather. It’s fantastic at the moment – warm and caressing during the day (sunglasses are a must) and cool and refreshing during the night. And, no rain! See what I mean…

As an almost fully-fledged vegetable gardener I ought to be doing rain-dances at every opportunity to get the water falling on all my baby plants, but I’d rather enjoy the sunshine and spend half an hour in the evening with the watering-can, having a chat with the runner-beans and lettuces (amongst others) whilst I quench their thirst, poor little things.

Even more excitingly though, we had our first harvest of the year!

We had home-grown lettuce (Webb’s Wonderful) and spinach (Perpetual) as part of the salad which went with our shop-brought but still fantastic Jersey Royal potatoes. So lovely! I may have to tug up one of the little radishes tonight, just to see what’s happening under there – they’ve been in for a month, such a surprise when it all happening ‘down below’!

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