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Bank holiday fun

It’s been a remarkably cold and miserable spring so far this year – I mean record-breakingly so. Everybody’s had it up to here [points to area above head]. Today though, May Day Bank Holiday of all days, has felt almost…

Digital Photography

Hard at work in the garden

I saw my Mum yesterday and meant to get her to sign my note excusing me from blogging lately – basically my ‘big’ computer has been poorly to the extent that I couldn’t edit my RAW files (and I…

Digital Photography

Boxing Day

I hope you’ve all had a jolly old christmas, I know I have; too much of lots of things and presents too – fab! It’s frrreeeezing here (it’s been the coldest December since records began and the temperature hasn’t…

Instant Photography


AKA August Break XXIX There is a blend of Polaroid film (not made any more *sniff*) called Artistic TZ – this is how it’s described on the Impossible website (where they still have some left for sale if you’re…

Instant Photography

August break XX

We have two apple trees in the garden – I thoroughly recommend having fruit trees if you have the time and the space (you don’t need much space). For minimal effort you get a lot of bountiful harvest! Whenever…

Instant Photography

August break XI

There’s a little corner of my garden where the sun always shines… Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film + ND filter on film pack…

Digital Photography

August break IX

I was literally enjoying the fruits of my labours yesterday – in that I was picking and eating a lot of apples from the garden. Believe it or not this is the after picture, plus there’s another tree! Looking…

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Dust off your cameras

The ever inspiring (and lovely) Susannah has had a super brainwave and I think we should all join in. Intriged? It’s ‘The August Break 2010’. This doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to see here, in fact there will…

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July is such a wonderful month in the garden – a time to sit back at watch it all flourish – except you don’t get much of a chance because it all needs picking and eating (or plonking into…