Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!

In the last couple of weeks I have often started writing a post, only to delete it all a couple of paragraphs in, because reading it back was so boring – and why would I want to put anyone else through that? But then I got to thinking that many of the blogs I enjoy reading don’t tell tales of huge adventurous expeditions or life-endangering experiences, but tell me about the gentle, small things. It’s the detail in life that often gets overlooked by the outsider (and even members of the family). So, I am going to try and hold back from the backspace key today, except for spelling mistakes, of which there will be many.

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day; crisp and bright and warm. All the bulbs have been planted in the garden, and nothing can be done in the dining room until the plaster has dried, so it was with a guilt-free heart and no jacket/jumper that we went for a lovely long walk through all the parks in town. Me and Mark both grew up in Southampton so it’s always nice to compare memories, and autumn with all its colours and smells and sounds seems to bring these to the fore. There used to be a bird aviary at the top of the parks, by the Titanic memorial. Even though it’s been gone for years, the sound of the mass tweeting is something that’s clearly memorable. Leaping through piles of leaves just has to be done, as does the competitive kicking of conkers along the tarmaced paths, and stopping to look at every comical squirrel trying to find the perfect spot to bury his big, fat chestnut. The best thing is that after experiencing all this natural wonder you end up in the middle of town and can get a fabulous lunch of toasted ciabatta sandwiches and good strong coffee – then a more leisurely stroll back through the parks, and home.

Sundays are great, but we al know what follows Sunday…

NB I took lots of photos of our autumnal frollicking but I have technical issues with my computer at the moment (long story) (long, boring story), so they are trapped on my memory card. As soon as I have them I will transform this into a fully illustrated post.

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