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Through the viewfinder

It’s been about five days now since I’ve been playing shopkeeper and I’m still loving it! I’ve even had a sale (although I’m not booking the Caribbean cruise just yet).

I’ve sold things on ebay before (old books and CDs, etc), and that’s quite satisfying, but nowhere near as exciting as selling something you’ve actually created yourself. To a complete stranger. Who’s picked your work out of all the fabulous items that are for sale over on Etsy. Eek, I hope they like it!

I’ve recently started creating TTV (or ‘Through The Viewfinder’) images and now have a selection of those for sale too. TTV stands for ‘Through The Viewfinder’. In otherwords, the oldstyle square-format viewfinder you might find yourself looking through if you were still using a ‘Box Brownie’ camera.

Fingers-crossed for a sunny weekend so I can take some more photos!

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    24 January 2008 at 23:09

    Wow congratulations on your first sale – I have an etsy shop but nothing on it… I just never find the courage to just go for it and actually sell anything lol. Your work is so amazing and a joy to look at!

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