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Time to get cosy

Yes, it IS autumn now. We have permission to get cosy and purchase the lovely things that appear at this time of year to see us through the cold and darkness that lies ahead……

Design Inspiration

August break XVIII

I spotted this in one of my favourite vintage shops on Etsy – it was love at first site and he fits perfectly on my windowsill. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be getting rid of stuff!…

Design Digital Photography


Today I bought Peonies! I love how they go from tightly packed golf balls to girly pink blousiness. They are my number one favourite flower, bar none – not least because it means summer is just around the corner…

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Baby, it’s cold outside

Maybe if I had all this lovely stuff I would stand a chance of being warm (and yet cool at the same time)! It is freakin’ cold outside – I am a southern softie and don’t cope well in…

Instant Photography

Getting the hang of it

I’m getting more used to my Polaroid SX-70 now. I’m glad I started out on my Polaroid journey with a ‘normal’ point-and-shoot model because I’m really appreciating the newfound awesomeness that I have at my disposal. I do need…

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Think pink

I’m not normally one for things pink and/or girlie, but there are always exceptions!  …

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These are a few of my favourite things

Over the weekend I ‘acquired’ the free CD soundtrack to The Sound of Music that was being given away in The Mail on Sunday. I need to explain to you though, in no uncertain terms, that at no time…