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Through The Viewfinder

After getting my hands on a very old and lovely Kodak Duaflex TLR camera (a very old and dirty one – just what I wanted), I couldn’t wait to get started on my ‘Through the Viewfinder’ contraption. Tada…

OK, so everyone now knows I enjoy a bowl of Frosties for breakfast (who doesn’t?) but it kind of works. There are some PROPER instructions on the internet by some very knowledgeable people. I even had a look at them… briefly. I have to say though I am very much a jump in and do it right NOW person rather that a let’s think about it and plan it to death then do it person (some would say impatient!), so I rifled through the recycling bin, grabbed some gaffer tape and the kitchen scissors and got stuck in.

It kind of works. I don’t really have the right sort of lens for my camera (need a macro lens), which means I have a little square image about the sixth of the size of my digital viewfinder. What you see though looks dreamy and otherworldly, and because you’re looking down this makeshift extension tube you see things from a whole new angle. Everything kind of shifts about a bit, and I think the only way to get the little vintage camera out of there will be to cut it out, but the principle works.

I need to be careful that I am focusing on the image through the lens, not the dirt on the lens (there’s a lot of dirt). As soon as I have eaten my way through another box of cereal (unfortunately it’s Shredded Wheat – could take a while) I will try and make something a little more substantial!

PS – TypePad – your flakiness is becoming exasperating!

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