Bank on the rain

We’ve just had a rainy Bank Holiday here in the UK. As a nation we arrange our public holidays to coincide with seasonally bad weather, that way everyone has something to talk about when they’re back at work the next day. Oh, the moaning about the weather I’ve heard this week! If you ever come to visit jolly old England, make sure you don’t come when there’s a Bank Holiday. Unless you like getting wet complaining, of course.

That said, I now know I am a ‘proper grown-up’ as I have just heard myself make the comment that “all this rain is good for the garden”. I now feel the need to do something very un-grownup to compensate. I may have to hang around outside McDonalds for a while and scowl at passers-by as they go about their business. Oh, and maybe I should look as though I could be hiding a blade about my person. That should do it. The only thing is… it’s raining. Still. And I’d much rather have a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

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    2 June 2008 at 03:37

    another ungrown-up option is that you could hang around outside of a convenience store and ask people to buy you smokes! :)

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