Back to reality

The festivities are now well and truly over and now it’s ‘back to reality’. On Sunday night I thought about all the other millions of people who were also sorting out work clothes and paperwork and lunchboxes etc, ready for a freezing cold (and snowy) start to work. Anything to make it as quick and painless as possible – what we really need is a Wallace and Grommit style contraption and we could get it all done without even waking up!

Anyhoo – the first day back was a bit of a novelty, and whilst I greatly missed the comforting, hourly rations of turkish delight and brazil nuts, it’s a relief to be eating normal healthy food again (although, like being back at work, I am sure the novelty will wear thin very soon).

Isn’t it cold! I’m typing this wearing fingerless glove indoors, just like ‘Old Man Steptoe’ (but with marginally nicer teeth).

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