Varsågod. That means “You’re very welcome” in Swedish. Southampton has gone a little bit Swede-mad lately – there’s blue and yellow everywhere and we even had snow for that authentic scandanavian touch. The reason for all this excitement is that IKEA is opening up, right in the middle of town. Tomorrow!

Personally I am very excited and can’t wait. I have frequently planned trips to other parts of the country to allow time for an all-day-shopathon at one of their stores (normally Bristol or Croydon), so to have an IKEA that’s within walking distance is totally mind-blowing.

There are, of course, voices of opposition, bemoaning the inevitable extra traffic that will delay their journey into the city centre. Whilst I acknowledge that sitting in a traffic jam is no fun for anyone, I would point out that the jobs and money it will bring to our city in times of global financial peril is surely a good thing. Plus we get cheap and stylish furniture!

So – I have been inspired to decorate the junk room spare bedroom (into what, I’m not sure yet) – am measuring up for a BILLY bookcase as we speak!

Hejdå – vi ses senare!

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    12 February 2009 at 02:13

    Ikea is tons of fun even if you don’t buy anything. Which is almost impossible. Even I, who dislike shopping, love it. Enjoy!

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    Jane D
    12 February 2009 at 09:48

    I’m glad your excited too – though I’m not in walking distance and have to confess that I will wait a week or two before I venture down there!

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