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Doing my bit for the economy

Dear Gordon Brown,

You will be very pleased to hear that I have recently been spending beyond my means (kind of) and have brought myself a new camera! I know, I know I have a plethora of photographic equipment already, but you see, I really, really wanted this one, so surely that’s ok?

It’s a Ricoh Calipo GX200. It’s very cool because:

  • it’s small and I can keep it about my person, always (no Sherpa required to carred eqipment as with all my other aforementioned kit)
  • it’s got a w-i-d-e lens, 24mm. This is a big deal on a little camera
  • it’s very controllable – I can shoot on ‘auto’ or apeture priority etc, or 100% manual. I like being in control
  • it shoots camera RAW. Wow – this is GREAT, I mean, really great. Full post production control. Did I mention I like control?
  • it shoots square format and b&w, but saves all the rectangular detail and colour info too

I could go on, but I won’t, because as Prime Minister you probably have more important things to do than read about cameras

Here’s me with my new toy (n.b. am not normally quite this cross-eyed in real life, I am however exactly this wrinkled and haggard)…

Kind regards,
Angie x

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  • Reply
    Kevin Forchione
    10 March 2009 at 01:15

    What fabulous pictures!! Absolutely love that top one :)
    I’m all for doing our bit for the economy … just bought the new Kindle 2 recently and am having another at a book I read some 20 years ago (being able to crank up the font size means I might even finish it this time!)
    Keep it up, every little helps.

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    Wouter Brandsma
    13 March 2009 at 05:25

    Congratulations with your new camera. I hope you enjoy it.

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