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Ricoh GX 200

Digital Photography


My head is in such a spin right now – there are options to choose and I haven’t got a clue. There is control that needs taking and I don’t know if I’m woman enough! I need to be…

Digital Photography


During December the city centre is filled with the wonderful smells of a huge german market which is fantastically christmassy – there’s also this lovely carousel……

Digital Photography


I was blossom-mad during the springtime and now I find myself berry-mad doring the winter months. This tree is really quite spooky looking though – I think it’s the shape of the branches.…

Digital Instant Photography

Autum colour

It’s a good job that orange is such a jolly colour otherwise autumn would really be very depressing. It’s everywhere… Above photos taken with Polaroid SX-70 Above photo taken with Ricoh GX-200…

Digital Photography

Stuff to do

Whenever I am away from my desk for any period of time my head is always racing with ideas and plans and mental lists of stuff-to-do. Such fabulous ideas don’t need writing down, surely? They’ll never be forgotton. Oh…

Digital Photography

Southampton Mela 2009

If ony the weather had cooperated it would have been heaven! At the Mela this year there was great food, music and celebrations. My favourite thing though was the Indian Kareoke – amazing! Here’s hoping that there are funds…

Digital Photography

Random bluey-greeniness

Feeling lethargic so not many words today. Don’t forget there’s a few hours left to enter my birthday draw – $80 of free stuff could be yours and all you need to do is leave a comment on the…

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The weekend promised to be (and was) beautifully sunny and warm, so I risked ruining it all by buying some new sunglasses. I’m always sitting on them or losing them so I only buy cheap ones – plus it…

Digital Photography


Today we walked for miles, all around Southampton. This magnolia tree in the park was shining like a beacon – calling me with my new little camera – so, so pink!…

Digital Photography

Doing my bit for the economy

Dear Gordon Brown, You will be very pleased to hear that I have recently been spending beyond my means (kind of) and have brought myself a new camera! I know, I know I have a plethora of photographic equipment…