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The weekend promised to be (and was) beautifully sunny and warm, so I risked ruining it all by buying some new sunglasses. I’m always sitting on them or losing them so I only buy cheap ones – plus it means you get to choose new ones each year…

To test them out we went on a bit of a hike along the Itchen Way – it’s a lovely river walk, but it’s a long river so we only did a bit of it – about 3 miles. I’m getting better at the whole countryside thing – even though there’s no pavement, lots of mud and no coffee shops at all, I bearly mentioned any of these things and managed to have a jolly good time…

We spotted about a million teeny, baby trout, a giant bunny rabbit, all sorts of ducks, swans etc and a water rat swimming alongside us. None of which are in any of these photos. Photos which, by the way, I took with my previously mentioned Ricoh GX200 point-and-shoot. Which I still think is fab.

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    19 March 2009 at 19:23

    Beautiful mono photos of your day. The last one, with those wonderful reflections, is just perfect!!

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