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In Southampton, all the local seasidey places are quite urban and bleak in a 1980s USSR sort of way. Brutalist. Terminal. This is ok though, I like this. I like the juxtaposition.

You won’t find many (or any) tourists there – it seems a backdrop of power stations and a view of oil tankers isn’t to everybody’s liking. It feels a bit like the end of the word; a post-apocolypse with beach huts.

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    27 April 2009 at 08:01

    That first shot is great. I like it a lot.

  • Reply
    28 April 2009 at 03:27

    Love the colors, but agree with you: the overall atmosphere is quite creepy. Gay emptiness? Empty gaiety? The contrast just doesn’t feel right.

  • Reply
    28 April 2009 at 19:20

    Nice photos! Beautifully colored places, but so lonely. Brings to mind the phrase “what if they give a party and nobody comes”…

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    4 May 2009 at 20:34

    Great photography!! I wish I had a beach nearby that I could walk to…

  • Reply
    John Marrocco
    11 May 2009 at 19:47

    Nice set…especially like the shot of the rows of huts…

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