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Old (but new to me)

I love shiny, new cutting-edge deign, I also love old, vintage things (just ask the hubby… hahahahaaahhhaaa!). In the same way that I love my digital SLR (Canon 40D) I also love my pre-loved and really old Polaroid SX-70. I’m not sure it should make such a big clunky, shuddering nose when it takes a photo but it seems to work ok!

I got three of these lovely Meakin teacups for my birthday. I may pop some flowers in them (as if I’ve gone to the trouble of making tea/coffee I want a BIG mug full)…

I also took possession of this 1940s clothes airer – the plasic one I had was driving me nuts and was always collapsing at inopportune moments…

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    23 June 2009 at 02:17

    it is amazing that some things do not need the improvement of time, do they? beautiful cups too

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