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Hooray, I’m of on holiday in T-minus 12 hours! 8:00 in the morning? Better make that T-minus 15 hours – all the same, I can’t wait to see the ocean again.

Yes, I live by the sea but technically it’s the English Channel and really quite orderly and subdued (and I’m all too familiar with in now). In Cornwall though I will get to experience the Atlantic Ocean and all the swells, surfs, sandy beaches and craggy coves that go with it.

I took this photo back in 2005 with my Canon 300D – I was all about the auto-setting back then and the novelty of shooting hundreds of photos. This time I’m going with a case full of digital and film cameras of all shapes and sizes, some actual know-how about how they all work but most importantly, completely different eyes.

And if all this weren’t enough excitement – we get to go in our beautiful new car!

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    7 September 2009 at 05:16

    have a great time

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