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‘Roid Week – day 2

So pleased that I used a days leave to have an extra-long bank holiday weekend – the sun was shining today and I managed to get out to of the house!

Breakfast first though, at my favourite haunt…

Polaroid Spectra + 1200 film

Luckily there was a not-too-terrible newspaper to read with my skinny cappuccino (no chocolate, thanks) and almond biscotti. The bias and questionable motivations of most newspapers don’t always make for an unriled breakfast, but there’s always the lifestyle section if it gets too bad!

It was so nice to step outside into blue skies and sunshine – looking up through the branches of this olive tree it was easy to imagine I was away in some mediterranean idyll…

Polaroid Spectra + 1200 film

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    4 May 2010 at 23:35

    i thought that first picture was a cigar on the saucer, hee hee!!!

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