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The online world can be a bit over-whelming sometimes – there are just so many ways to engage with people and it can be hard to juggle it all to the best effect. I was thinking it would be cool to have everything under one web address; If I was starting from scratch that would be a relatively easy process but as I have posts here going back to 2003 it gets a bit tricky to move – plus that’s only the words – there’s all those photos – so many photos! So, suffice to say I am going to remain here for a good while yet, plus there’s some new exciting contemt on its way too!

Something else I have been thinking about for a while and actually got round to doing is setting up a ‘fan’ page on Facebook. Just the word ‘fan’ makes me feel out of my depth! It felt outrageously pompous sending invites to all my contacts asking them to ‘like’ me. I’m English, we aren’t comfortable with self-promotion – we’d much rather tell you how we suck and then discuss the weather. If, however, you’re a Facebook person and fancy looking me up, this is my page… – maybe I’ll see you there!

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    18 June 2010 at 07:46

    hehe I can totally relate to that. I’m always convincing people that I suck, which isn’t such a great thing considering I’ll be looking for a job after I finish uni in September, and interviews are all about putting yourself forward in a positive manner! So well done on the self promotion. You photos are beautiful, and you have every right to be proud 😀

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