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It’s Friday again?

Whilst making idle chit-chat today (like you do) I remarked on how it had been another crazy week, “just like all the other crazy weeks” – I do, I say things like that. I then got to thinking –…



My ‘big’ computer has been poorly of late (hence the low profile and updates via my phone… soz about that). So whenever I’ve been procrastinating within reach of my little laptop (i.e. 99.87% of the time) I have often…

Digital Photography

Some action (at last)

Dear 2011, so far I am liking you. You’ve given me a gentle start of lazy days at home taking it easy, the odd venture out to the forest to chase ponies with my camera, reading Sherlock Holmes stories…

Digital Photography


I’ve realised recently that I am one of those people that lives in the future. Not in a Marty McFly sort of way (although that would be very cool) more in the way that I am always looking towards…


Nothing changes

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Mine is going how it always goes… January: I am going to hand craft ALL my Christmas presents this year, this will include learning to crochet a beautiful granny-square afghan. I have a whole…


Rainy Days And Mondays

I know, today’s Tuesday, but I wanted to share this extract I’ve read of a new Karen Carpenter biography by Randy Schmidt. We all know the story and hearing it again doesn’t make it any easier, but this is…



AKA – August break XXIII I’ve got photographers-block. It’s like writers-block but, you know, with photos instead of words (although I think I’ve got that as well). I’m not sure if I’m in this photo funk because I’m feeling…


Just call me Keanu

You know that bit in the Matrix when Neo suddenly ‘gets it’. They’ve been banging on and on at him to just ‘look into himself’ and feel it; to know that he is the one, but he can’t quite…

Digital Photography


The online world can be a bit over-whelming sometimes – there are just so many ways to engage with people and it can be hard to juggle it all to the best effect. I was thinking it would be…