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It’s my un-unbirthday

I am now a long way from a zero-ending birthday so am relatively cool with the whole deal. I received a pile of books. I love books! One of them was this beautiful book of poems which was so…

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Don’t stop believing

Having an opinion, I am discovering, is a draining and ultimately disappointing experience. (I got to bed at 4am last night). The UK election has ended up with no overall majority and rather than the people deciding, it’s once…


Don’t stop dancing or you’ll fall off

Today’s random word is… Fall Because I am British and not American when I think fall I think ‘ouch’ not ‘autumn’. Boring assemblies at school (sat cross-legged on the floor listening to parables and singing hymns) were made all…



In a bid to heave myself from my blogging rut and back into the increasingly social and collaorative world of t’internet I have come up with a plan, it involes a ‘random word generator’ and actually doing some work.…

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Something terrible always seems to happen in the world at Christmastime – or maybe it’s just that the festivities are a convenient bookmark in our memories in a world that is always troubled by something or other. This year’s…