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Saturday selection

I had a great day at the Asian Mela in Southampton today. Lots of colour, dancing and delicious Indian food in the sunshine. I only had a few shots left on my little Lomo so pics will follow shortly once film dev + scanned.

Above photos taken with Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film + ND filter

Earlier in the day I paid a trip to the optician. As I suspected I will need glasses for close up stuff like reading. Luckily everything is fine and dandy at other distances, so things should stay mainly in focus photo-wise for a while yet! It’s been hard work focusing to read and I have missed reading books – just sticking to what I really have to read. I pick up the glasses next week so may have to treat myself to a few books to devour.

Pentax K1000 + Ektar 100 film

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