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Ninù is a little handicraft laboratory that creates original design by Sandra Comas based in Turin, Italy, and these bags, quite frankly, are wonderful! Some people say I am ‘bag mad’. This is a little unfair, it’s not so much a madness as an obssession. This is the focus of my latest desire, the Valentina Pouch

ninu bag

To be honest ANY of these amazing bags would suffice – I simply want them all! I wonder if I could sneek this one in past the radar that Admin (aka Mr M) seems to have acquired for such things? I may have to give it a go.

I’ve signed up for the 2011 film swap over at fortheeasilydistracted, have you? It’s such a great idea;

Each photoswapper either takes a roll of film or buys a disposable camera (it has to be something that you develop) and they take photos just for their swap partner, then send the cameras/films to each other and develop the other persons photos (and posts them on their blogs for everyone to see of course).

It’s going to be a great excuse to get out with my camera and so exciting to receive a mystery film to develop, I can’t wait! I’m going to use my Pentax K1000 and I know that takes amazing photos and I wont disappoint my mystery recipient with anything too experimental. Why not give it a go – you could always get one of those disposable film cameras if you only use digital at the moment – it might be the start of something big!

Pentax K1000 - telegraph pole

telegraph pole, st ives, 2010 – taken by me with Pentax K1000

I love the posters on the Paris vs NYC blog (which you can also buy). What a great idea, and so beautifully done – this one’s my favourite…

Paris vs NYC - Sunday Morning

Finally (and I may be showing my age a bit here) but do you remember the Cosby Show? If you do (or you’ve asked your grandma to fill you in on the details) then you’ll appreciate how awesome this tumblr blog is, drawing inspiration from the Cosby Show sweaters – it was the 80s so there were many and they were mainly hideous!

cosby show sweaters

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    12 June 2011 at 18:54

    Oh my god, that bag is absolutely lovely. What is it about men and developing a sixth sense for new handbags… My husband has become fully aware of that too. Total shame.

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