My favourite story of the week has to be about the three-headed frog! The best aspect of this story for me isn’t so much the whole ‘three-headed’ aspect of things, remarkable though I realise this is, but more about the fact that the children who found him want to name him either “frog”, “froggy”, “frogger” or “Chris”. I hope they call him Chris.

I have spilled Ribena on my keyboard which means my b key no longer functions. Every b you see here has had to be copied and pasted into place… it’s amazing how many times the letter b crops up, especially when it’s the subject of a whole paragraph.

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    8 March 2004 at 02:27

    Mmm, Ribena.
    What I hate is when I get something fininicky jammed between two keys so pressing down one takes the other down with it. Try typing ‘assassin’ with the A & S keys stuck together if you ever want to go insane. :)

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