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What does every discerning, glamour-conscious cat need these days? What’s going to make your kitty stand out from the crowd and earn those extra tummy tickles? Why, a wig of course! For the moggy on a budget (these wigs are $200 each!) then check out the website as they also have books and an awesome looking iPhone app where you can super-impose wigs onto cat photos. Hours of fun!

cats in wigs

How awesome is the poster below by Maxim Dalton, an illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Extremely, is how awesome…

Ten Great Years - by Maxim Dalton

Finally, a project I can totally get on board with as in entails my two of my favourite things – coffee and photography. Adbeus uses the same frame for each picture: the coffee to the right, the table as a background and the camera from the top….

coffee by adbeus

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