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Please hold

I’m spinning plates right now, lots and lots of plates – they are new and exciting plates though and I am happy to be doing it – and that’s good huh? That’s REALLY good!

Anyhoo, here’s some random photos from me so you know I am still alive – consider these the equivilent of that music you get when you try and phone your bank and they put you on hold.

Your blog reading is important to me. A contributor will be with you as soon as possible. Your web visit may be recorded for quality-control…

bournemouth beach

purple flowers



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  • Reply
    23 September 2011 at 20:13

    The photo of the limes is so beautiful. I just love the light in it!
    Have fun spinning plates! :)

  • Reply
    27 September 2011 at 15:47

    just dropping by to say hello and i’m happy to have found your blog.
    it’s always nice to find another experiment-loving photographer.
    i’d like to echo the lovely limes comment! such nice play with light there.

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