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I have an itchy shutter finger – it feels like ages since I took a photo!

Greenwich Meantime sucks,  it’s always so dark – I am currently reading all about taking photos at night time in a bid to blow away some photographic cobwebs. Do you have any tips or tricks in this area? Please share, I am getting a bit crazy!

Sanity should hopefully prevail though as tomorrow I have a free afternoon and a couple of willing models to photograph which I am very excited about – I hope the weather holds.


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    14 November 2011 at 09:05

    This picture is really beautiful. I also notice a marked drop in my picture taking during the winter months (mostly because I tend to be at work during daylight hours and too tired/lazy after work to go hunting for good night shots). I like your idea though, of looking for inspiration in the dark. I really wish I had a photo friend here in Brussels that I could go on little photo walks with. I’m currently training up my daughter to be my camera companion but we’ve got a way to go yet (although when she does come out with me, she always makes me look at things a little differently. It’s surprising what a 6-year old notices that this boring 35 year old doesn’t). I’d love to hear your tips once you’ve finished your reading. In the meantime, maybe I’ll use the gloomy months to reaquaint myself with photoshop and all its many possibilities…

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      16 November 2011 at 00:26

      The darkness is certainly a challenge – I have a day job too and I do at times have to force myself not to resent it too much, that it takes up every second of daylight that there is during the winter!

      I’ll definitely be along with some night-time tips v soon x

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