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I have an itchy shutter finger – it feels like ages since I took a photo! Greenwich Meantime sucks,  it’s always so dark – I am currently reading all about taking photos at night time in a bid to blow away…

Digital Photography

Freshly unsqueezed

It’s jolly nice to know that somewhere in the world (far, far from these cold shores) oranges are now in season and being picked just for me to be able to have something colourful to photograph and tasty to…

Digital Photography


I love ferns. They’re a bit spooky aren’t they? I think it’s the organised symmetery and curled-finger-like new growth. It’s mind blowing too how they’ve been around looking exactly the same for millions of years. I’ll brush past them…

Digital Photography

august break VIII

You know how people think blogging is just people going on about what they had for breakfast? Well, here’s what I had for breakfast! Those blueberries by the way were homegrown and freshly plucked from the garden this morning.…

Digital Photography


If I wrote about what’s actually been happening these last few days I would be in danger of winning first prize for the most uninteresting blog ever. I’m not sure if that’s actually a real thing but don’t want…

Design Digital Photography


Today I bought Peonies! I love how they go from tightly packed golf balls to girly pink blousiness. They are my number one favourite flower, bar none – not least because it means summer is just around the corner…

Digital Photography


Just a quickie to prove I do still shoot digital, sometimes. I like the accusing stare of the masked mannequin…  …

Digital Photography


Today I realised that we’re definitely past that pesky winter solstice as it seemed really light at 4.30 this afternoon – hardly dark at all! I celebrated by throwing in a bunch of tulips with my supermarket shopping.…

Digital Photography


I have a whole of the year in front of me and I’m determined to make the most of it – find the value in the small things and take some bigger steps, too.…