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I love ferns. They’re a bit spooky aren’t they? I think it’s the organised symmetery and curled-finger-like new growth.

It’s mind blowing too how they’ve been around looking exactly the same for millions of years. I’ll brush past them walking through the forest and wonder whether a dinosaur perhaps looked at them and thought they were spooky too (or possibly just thought – yum, dinner)…

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    Angie Willis
    10 November 2010 at 08:10

    In that first one the fern looks almost as if someone has made it out of felt, or crocheted it. It’s just fabulous.

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    10 November 2010 at 20:46

    They are a bit spooky, and yet there is something about them that is just mesmerizing. Maybe the intricate patterns or just the fact that some are so very tiny, yet so very detailed. You have captured them beautifully here!

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    11 November 2010 at 02:26

    Beautiful fern photography! The first fern is simply fantastic.

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