The revolution will not be televised

Please note: I promise to stop banging on about this soon.

I have a new love in my life. It’s not something I thought I would ever be comfortable with or confident enough to do myself – not in a million years, somehow though I have found myself vlogging and am totally smitten with video.

For a while now I have been seriously addicted to watching videos. People are basically awesome and couple this with my innate nosiness and the fact I can easily access YouTube on my computer, TV or phone – it really is the most perfect way to while away the time.

‘Traditional’ TV is now (at best) in second place in our house these days. We’ve cancelled a lot of the satellite channels we were paying for and are using the savings to increase our broadband limit – that’s how much of an addiction it’s become!

So far I have just done vlog-type videos – straight to camera and virtually no editing. This has been a way of dipping my toe in the water and seeing if I like it. I love it!

It’s like… if all the things I’m passionate about and that interest me were put into a big Venn-diagram, video would be the bit in the middle that is encompasses everything. I think that’s why it feels so exciting!

I talked earlier in the month about my word for the year; STRIVE. This is something I want to strive for.

Here’s a flavour of what I am (more often than not) glued to on YouTube – any recommendations gratefully received!

Oh, and my own channel, of course! Come over and subscribe as I won’t always be mentioning my uploads on here.

And because I couldn’t not include a photo…

red head

Taken with my Hasselbladski – a Zenith 80 and 120 film

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    18 January 2012 at 10:10

    Just as long as you don’t stop taking photographs…

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      18 January 2012 at 19:56

      I promise – you’re allowed to shout at me if I do!

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