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We made it!

Well, here we are then – the one-hundredth¬†day of winter (actually, today is day 101 – I’m running late with EVERYTHING at the moment – yikes)!

winter trees

I’ll admit it was sometimes an effort to stay positive and inspired when darkness fell not long after lunchtime and the cold winds blew, but I feel that viewing winter as a photographic opportunity and actively seeking out beauty in things that were uniqulely wintery definitely helped me stay positive and entusiastic throughout the season.

feathers and mittens

What I loved most of all though was viewing the winter experiences that others were having – some things looked familar – other things looked wildly different but they all look beautiful!

100 days of winter - flickr photos

1. Sheep watching…, 2. muskoka, ontario, 3. Day Sixty, 4. 39|365, 5. snowstorm, 6. Untitled

These are just a few from the flickr group – thank you to everybody who contibuted, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did – and here’s the best news of all…. it’s now spring! (Apologies to southern hemisphere… although as you get better weather in the winter than we often do in the summer (certainly here in UK) I hope it means you can forgive my gloating)!


What was your favourite thing about winter? I think mine was the watery, distant sunlight – a bit like ‘golden hour’ but all through the day, all be it a short day.

Oh, and the hot chocolate :)

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  • Reply
    2 March 2012 at 08:28

    My favorite thing about winter this year? That it lasted – weather wise at least – all of about a week. The rest was more like a mild autumn. Which meant that we could be outside at weekends without freezing. I did miss the sunlight, especially on work days when I only ever seemed to see it through meeting room window, but I enjoyed the sparkly christmas lights AND we did get some of the most dramatic sunsets I have ever seen. And I love that Canon have celebrated the end of your 100 days by announcing the 5D mark iii! Eep! As soon as I can get my hands on one (what, probably in about a year?), I will be going full-frame. Yey! I have been saving for nearly two years now. Very exciting indeed.

    • Reply
      2 March 2012 at 16:34

      We did get away with winter quite lightly really didn’t we – although you can’t escape the lack of light – that’s what drives me crazy.
      You will looooooooove going full-frame – I saved up all my pennies too for my MkII and it was worth every penny – it makes a HUGE difference – very exciting indeed!

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