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100 Days of Winter

Digital Photography

We made it!

Well, here we are then – the one-hundredth day of winter (actually, today is day 101 – I’m running late with EVERYTHING at the moment – yikes)! I’ll admit it was sometimes an effort to stay positive and inspired when…

100 days of winter on flickr
Film Inspiration Life Photography


If my maths is correct (there’s a very good chance it isn’t) we are now half-way through 100 Days of Winter! Half-way! In 50 days time we will have reached the end of February and be relishing the prospect of…

wintry trees
Digital Life Photography

Bleak mid winter

How are you liking the return to normal life after the holidays? I have to say, I do miss my precious daylight – I’m so pleased we’ve reached the point where the days are very, very slowly beginning to…

beach huts and power station
Digital Photography

So, how was it for you?

Just as we’re getting to the end of the festive holidays I am finally beginning to feel, rested and re-mojo’d. And, exhale. Luckily I still have a couple of days off  work. I hope you managed to chill-out and/or party…

Digital Photography

Wintry moments

One of my favourite activities lately is to grab a coffee when I get home from work and then browse through all the wintry gorgeousness in the 100 Days of Winter flickr group. There’s such a range of images,…

100 days of winter flickr group
Instant Photography


It occurred to be the other day that I hadn’t used my beloved Polaroid SX-70 for ages. I do find it takes the best photos when there’s LOTS of light – almost too much light, so what with it being…

apple tree branches - diana + instant back
Instant Photography


I was rummaging through my camera drawer (I could really do with a camera room, but a drawer will do for now) and I (re)discovered my Diana Instant Back. Being the impatient sort I loaded it with film right…

mince pie
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Now I know it must be winter, as I’ve had my first mince pie of the year! And a coffee too, although that wasn’t even my first one of the day, let alone year. I’d earned a treat after…

berries 5
Digital Photography

Berry nice

I could quite easily spend the whole winter taking photos of berries. They are so very well behaved and cheery to look at, and certainly brighten up a cold, old winters day, don’t you think? PS – There’s lot’s…

100 days of winter flickr group

Day one

I know it’s only the first day but I can honestly say that 100 Days of Winter has changed my whole outlook on the season and I am actually quite enjoying the prospect of winter this year! Who can…