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April favourites

These are getting later and later, aren’t they! I’ve got some corkers for you though, so hopefully you’ll think they’re worth the wait.

Firstly, my favourite wedding/engagement photography blog ever is ‘Twin Lens Life’ by The Brothers Wright – they have a unique style and some wonderful film cameras resulting in amazing photos like this one – do check them out!

twin lens life

Here’s my favourite restaurant I want to visit. Just wow! (No idea what the food’s like but just look at it)!

My favourite gadget – it has to be my new iPad! I love it so much – it’s the thing I never knew I really needed until I had one – I’ve been glued to it for four days solid now! One of my favourite apps is Unstuck; it walks you through things you find yourself struggling with in life and helps you sort things out… and it has an amazing user-interface…. and it’s free!

Another favourite photographer I discovered during April is Andrew McGibbon from South Africa – his whole portfolio is amazing but I especially love these photos of horses.

andrew mcgibbon photography

My favourite thing I want from etsy.

My favourite TED talk is Brené Brown: Listening to shame. So inspiring!

Here we go then, I’ve saved the very best for last. Some dude, some absolutely awesome dude has scanned in every single page of the Argos catalogue from 1976! So many memories of things I saw around me growing up I am particularly loving the camera pages though – not least because they include a Polaroid SX-70 (and wasn’t everything expensive back then, relatively speaking)…

argos polaroids

Hang on, where’s my time-machine, there’s the 1985 catalogue too!

(Interestingly, Polaroid SX-70 film back in 1976 cost £3.85 which is the equivalent of £25.45 in today’s money – something worth remembering if you’re considering buying Impossible’s new Polaroid film – a comparative snip at only £17.00).

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