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I live in a bit of the country that has no mountains at all – plenty of other geological wonders but the odd steep hill is as mountainous as it gets. So with this in mind you can imagine how superbly exciting it is to travel somewhere where the rocks tower up and touch the skies – like Snowdonia in Wales, for example.

cloud mountain
sheep and mountains
welsh flag

The hotel below… fabulous, huh? It’s not where we stayed but I like to believe if we had it would have been exactly like the ‘Great Northern Hotel’ in Twin Peaks. It’s called the ‘Swallow Falls Hotel’, which is a big clue to the deafening roar that fills the air…

swallow falls hotel
swallow falls

Wowzers! There were quite a few ‘proper’ photographers here setting up their tripods and getting clever long exposures – I like to be improper though and managed by balancing my camera on the hand rail and holding my breath.

Taken with Canon 5D MkII and a car boot full of lenses

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  • Reply
    Lisa Gordon
    4 October 2012 at 00:28

    What a beautiful place to be, and these photographs are wonderful.

    • Reply
      4 October 2012 at 22:55

      Thank you :) It’s certainly a great place to visit with a camera

  • Reply
    4 October 2012 at 09:27

    I’m still giggling at “Canon 5D MkII and a car boot full of lenses”… But I do have a proper question: some of those pictures look like film pics with gorgeous light leakage on the sides (I love a little imperfection). Is that a clever post-processing effect you’ve achieved (fingers crossed) or did you also have a boot full of film cameras?

    • Reply
      4 October 2012 at 22:55

      Hi Cass! Yes I faked those in Photoshop – I’ll have to do a tutorial on it soon :)

      • Reply
        24 October 2012 at 13:00

        Oooh! Yes please!

  • Reply
    4 October 2012 at 10:44

    Oh my! It’s true! I’ve just googled it and there really is a place called Snowdonia! Wonderful… the name, the place and your photos!

    • Reply
      4 October 2012 at 22:56

      You’re right – the name sounds rather magical, a bit like Narnia, but I can verify it’s definitely real! :)

  • Reply
    4 October 2012 at 11:46

    I love hills and mountains too after living in flat Norfolk for so long… I think thats why we never left Yorkshire lol.

    We drove through Snowdonia a few years ago and its just beautiful, you’ve captured it perfectly Angie!

  • Reply
    4 October 2012 at 19:04

    Stunning photographs!

    • Reply
      4 October 2012 at 23:01

      Why thank you 😀

  • Reply
    22 October 2012 at 21:04

    Hi! Love your site!
    I was browsing your posts and the photo of the flag caught my eye.
    I am from Toronto, Canada and was vacationing in England and Wales in September of this year. Stayed in Aberystwyth for a night. Touring the Castle ruins on the waterfront, I spotted and took some photos of this same flag. Is it the flag of Wales?
    Love the beautiful countryside in Wales! Especially driving through Snowdonia National Park on my way to Liverpool. Stunning !


    • Reply
      23 October 2012 at 23:58

      Hi Kevin and thank you :)
      I agree, Wales is certainly a stunning place! The green and white flag with the dragon is is indeed the Welsh flag.

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