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Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens



There’s a big stately home less than 10 miles from my home that I’ve never visited in all my life, so on Friday I took a day off work and finally got round to seeing what was on my almost-doorstep.…

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Forest friends

Big news – last weekend I managed to get out of the house to somewhere that wasn’t work, the post office, Staples, or Tesco Express! No prizes for guessing where – if it’s autumn and you live near a…

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Is this a humblebrag? I hope it’s not, it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be an explantion for all the tumbleweed round these parts of late. I realise now that whilst I had ‘a plan’, it was…

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The little things

Somedays you get to retrace steps you’ve walked a thousand times before. If you’re lucky you’ll have a camera with you so you can capture those little details you’d not noticed before or record the ones that feel like…

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Looks familiar

I honestly think I have taken these very same photos before – and not that long ago either! So apologies if the photos below look familiar – I promise they are fresh off the memory card this weekend (sometimes you just…

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It’s just turned midnight so that means it’s now December. Wow, that went so fast! I’m finding it hard to resist the temptation of my Lindt chocolate advent calender so I thought I’s show you what (almost) December looks like…

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50 shades of brown

I spent an afternoon in the New Forest last week. Possibly it wasn’t quite as brown as the photos below are showing, but that’s my overriding memory of the place. Luckily though I rather like brown, after all it’s…

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Brick Lane

I think Brick Lane has to one of my favourite venues for a Sunday afternoon jaunt, and as I got to spend a long weekend in London, that’s exactly where I headed. It’s not touristy like the Tower of London…

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I live in a bit of the country that has no mountains at all – plenty of other geological wonders but the odd steep hill is as mountainous as it gets. So with this in mind you can imagine…