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The ‘S’ word

It really does feel like summer now.

This is a big deal as you’ll know if you are also in the UK. We’ve been in a perpetual state of winter since November 2012 – teased now and again with the odd nice day – now though it feels like the real deal!

Just look at how this field is drying out – it shouldn’t make me happy (sorry mr or mrs farmer) but it does! I don’t think we need to start panicking just yet though – most things are looking extremely green and lush if you ask me. There, that’s agricultural wisdom for you – my great-grandparents knew people who lived in the country, you know.

alton - hampshire - dry field

alton - hampshire - green wheat

alton - hampshire - orange poppies

We were out exploring ‘the countryside’ on our way to a lavender farm! I’ve always want to visit one and it was with visions of purple Provence in my head that I entered an industrial estate just outside Alton in Hamshire. Hmm. It didn’t look hopeful but round the last of many corners I caught a glimpse of the purple stuff – hooray! It wasn’t quite how I imagined – it was quite small and only a few rows were fully-grown and flowering, but with judicious camera angles it was still pretty impressive. The smell was certainly worth the trip!

alton - hampshire - lavender 1

alton - hampshire - lavender 2

I just hope I haven’t jinxed things by mentioning the ‘S’ word!

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    2 July 2013 at 08:43

    Hanno read something out loud to me yesterday about the Met Office predicting one whole month of above average temperatures and below average rainfall… and I cursed him very very loudly for it. When the sun shines, we should all pretend we haven’t even noticed. It should not be mentioned. It should not be blogged about (curse you too Ms. Muldowney!). We should all continue to wear big wooly sweaters. We should only ever go outside on the pretence of getting somewhere else as quickly as possible. Because I swear to god as soon as anyone looks up at that blue sky and even gets the begining of a suggestion of a smile, it will friggin’ start friggin’ raining a-friggin-gain! So stop it. Just stop it. Don’t let anyone know you’ve noticed the loveliness and this year summer might just last more than a week.

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    2 July 2013 at 11:25

    I’m afraid you just did! Today’s weather in Dublin? It’s a perfect November day!

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