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polaroid - gollys
Instant Photography


There was a little shop in Hawkeshead, Cumbria and these boys were set outside. They’re brand new; made in China. At school we were encouraged to call them golli-dollies (this was after the ritual burning of Enid Blyton and her…

polaroid lake - somewhere in the lake district
Instant Photography

Landscape of dreams

I took quite a few Polaroids whilst I was in the Lake District – it was only a little over a week ago but it almost seems like a dream now. I still have rolls of film waiting to…

polaroid - grasmere gingerbread
Instant Life Photography

Grasmere Gingerbread

One  of the places we visited in the Lake District was Grasmere, and I feel I need to dedicate a whole post to the delicacy that is Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread. Oh. My. God. It is amazing – I’m…

Bournemouth lifeguards - polaroid
Instant Photography


I’ve been to the seaside this afternoon! Proper seaside with sand and surf and a pier, and everything – Bournemouth to be exact. Polaroid SX70 – my last shot with some very damaged Artistic TimeZero film I was even…

space hopper - polaroid sx-70
Instant Photography


Do you remember space-hoppers? I used to go everywhere on mine when I was a kid – if I had nowhere to go I’d just bounce round and round in circles in the back garden. Transport options for grown-ups…

apple harvest - polaroid sx-70
Instant Photography

More treasure

This treasure is from the garden – lovely apples! I think I will always have fruit trees for as long as I have a garden; for very little effort you get a big pay off! Talking of treasure, this…

gravestone - diana f+ with instant back
Instant Photography

Instant Diana

The sun came out this afternoon (hooray) so I nipped out for a wander down to the old cemetery. I took my Lomography Diana F+ with the instant back. I love the effect it gives – it uses the…

rowan berries - polaroid sx-70
Instant Photography

The Tree of Scarlet Berries

The rain gullies the garden paths And tinkles on the broad sides of grass blades. A tree, at the end of my arm, is hazy with mist. Even so, I can see that it has red berries, A scarlet…

stripey beach hut - Polaroid SX-70
Instant Photography


I finished work early today and went to the seaside. I love that I can do that. I’ve never lived ‘in-land’ – I wonder what that would be like? There was a real party atmosphere on the beach as…