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Film Photography

Thank you, Lomo

There’s a great article on the BBC website today about Lomo photography and the part it has played in keeping film photography alive.  My very first Lomo photo! Bournemouth Pier – Diana F+ It was certainly true for me –…

lomo diana - bournemouth pier
Film Photography

Going Lomo

Have you heard of Lomography? You probably have if you’re interested in film photography – I have purchased an item or two from them in the past and my favourite camera (so far) is the Diana F+. It’s lots…

Digital Photography

Shades of Bournemouth blue

The sands of Bournemouth when the sun is shining are generally heaving with people – honestly, you cant move! If however, you show up on an overcast weekday in September you can pretty much have the place to yourself…

Bournemouth lifeguards - polaroid
Instant Photography


I’ve been to the seaside this afternoon! Proper seaside with sand and surf and a pier, and everything – Bournemouth to be exact. Polaroid SX70 – my last shot with some very damaged Artistic TimeZero film I was even…

Digital Photography

Summer lovin’

There’s no better way to end the working week than to be whisked off to the seaside when the sun is shining. When summer is blazing at its fullest I really can’t do the beach in the daytime, so…

Digital Photography

Out and about

I’m having this weekend off work and enjoying doing all the things I think I should be doing when I’m in the office, such as cooking wholseome lovely meals in the slow cooker whilst we go off for adventures…

Digital Photography

Photo Friday – Silhouette

Hooray, it’s that Photo Friday time of the week again. This week the challenge is ‘Silhouette’ (I had to copy and paste that word, it’s one of the many I’ve never been able to spell). For some reason I…