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Canon EF 135mm f/2.0L USM lens

maple seed pods
Digital Photography

After the light

Autumn can be quite show-offy and brazenly colourful at times, don’t you think? Often though it is quite muted and serene. These are from a late afternoon stroll in the old cemetery over the weekend – it was dark…

New Forest symbol
Digital Photography

Let the show begin

Meteorologists have been saying that when autumn finally gets started then the mild weather we’ve been having should mean it will be a very colourful one, leaf-wise. Well, I think it’s finally got started and it is indeed looking…

dead queen anne's lace
Digital Photography

A breath of fresh air

I had the afternoon off work today, it was lovely – a long, lazy lunch, sunshine, fresh air and photography! The trees are mostly still green but you can tell they are about to change – I don’t wanna…

birds on a wire
Digital Life Photography


I’m so confused! It’s autumn, non? Well, sometimes it is but today it seems to be summer again – today I saw a butterfly, two bumble bees and I think possibly a leprechaun (or it might have been a frog). I hope nature doesn’t…

white horse - new forest
Digital Photography


And here we are; the last day of August. The last day of the August Break. The last day of summer? I’m rather fond of early autumn days, there’s just so much syrupy colour and texture everywhere plus the…

log pile
Digital Photography


I love logs. I may have to get my own little pile; not to burn or anything but to look at, sniff and pat lovingly when I walk past. And to photograph, of course……

lonely tree - new forest
Digital Photography


One of the lovelier things about living where I do is that at this time of year everything starts turning purple – a couple more weeks and it should be full-on technicolor!…

bee visiting artichoke
Digital Photography


These artichokes aren’t in my own garden but aren’t they awesome! I’m very tempted to grow some next year; not so much for eating, more for looking at and photographing (and attracting the bees)……

Digital Photography


I don’t want to get all camera-geeky on you but I just wanted to say how much I am loving my latest lens [admin: if you’re reading this, don’t panic, it’s not another new lens, it’s the one I…