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Lovely lavender

You can’t really tell from these photos but this little lavender farm was buzzing with a million bees. The smell was amazing too – I can see why the bees like it there so much!…

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British Summer Time

Farewell Greenwich Mean Time, see you in six months! The clocks went forward at the weekend – hoo-flippin-ray! Even if the clocks hadn’t been moved forwards though, there’s an abundance of signs all around that spring is finally here.…



Clearing the garden ready for the impending winter I rescued this very exotic looking lilly which I have no recollection of ever planting. Goodness knows how it’s managed to survive the frosts we’ve been having, it looked a bit…

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Blue Monday

This is where I can show off one of the few proper flower names I know; echinops. I have no idea why that particular one has lodged itself in the tiny bit of my brain that actually remembers the…

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August break XXV

This is the lovely orchid I got for my birthday a couple of months ago – it has now gone te way of all houseplants in my care and is a petal-free stem looking very forlorn. Here it is…

Instant Photography

August break XI

There’s a little corner of my garden where the sun always shines… Polaroid SX-70 + 600 film + ND filter on film pack…

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Dust off your cameras

The ever inspiring (and lovely) Susannah has had a super brainwave and I think we should all join in. Intriged? It’s ‘The August Break 2010’. This doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to see here, in fact there will…

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I finished work yesterday and took a diversion on my necessary journey into town to visit the rose gardens in the park. Canon 5D MkII + 85mm f/1.8 lens + some ‘photoshopping’ Wow, is all I can say. It’s…

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Just a coupla pics

I’m not sure what this shrubby thing is but it looks lovely against the blue, blue sky… Talking of blue, I know what this is – forget-me-nots have to be the best named flower, ever (after The Stinking Corpse…

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Wistfulness & wisteria

And, exhale. It’s all over (in so many ways). Yes I am still banging on about politics and yes, I am being a little melodramatic. Sorry. Time for drawing lines now; time to dust off and start again. Anyhoo…