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Fuji Instax Mini 25

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Fuji Instax Mini 25 goes to Cornwall

As the four day weekend that accompanies Easter is now well and truly over I thought I would reminisce a bit more about my magical trip to Cornwall last month. One of the cameras I took with me was my Fuji…

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March favourites

My favourite photography blog My favourite flickr photo (a whole set, actually; a whole awesome set) My favourite retro TV show – thanks Netflix My favourite current TV show (OMG, the tension, the paranoia, the twisty-turny conspiracy-ness)! My favourite…

littlehampton - beach cafe
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I’ve never been to a windier place in my life! I’m sure it’s not like that all the time in this little West Sussex seaside town, at least I hope it’s not. My goodness, it was like being thrown…

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I promise, I promise that my next blog post won’t have any mention of blossom or springtime – it will be hard but I’ll try and retsrain myself! Today though, there’s blossom. These were taken with my super-cute FujiFilm…

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Fuji Instax Mini 25

It’s probably been a whole six weeks or so since I got my hands on a new camera, so I have remedied this with this little purchase (little being the operative word). It’s a FujiFilm Instax Mini 25. I…