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Happy Halloween! I’m hoping the neighbourhood kids don’t take all the sweeties tonight so I can have something nice instead of as well as my dinner – especially as we brought lots of retro sweets that they’ll never truly…

Digital Photography

‘Tis the season to be orange

Today was gorgeous and sunny and a fabulous day to visit the local pumpkin festival… I bought some lovely samples from the local allotment socirty (a bit too dark to photograph now) but nowhere near as big as some…

Digital Photography

Witch is best?

In Great Britain, the whole ‘halloween being a big deal’ thing is a phenomenon that certainly wasn’t present during my own childhood. I’m happy to jump onto this particular bandwagon though, as it is a relatively inexpensive holiday that…

Digital Photography

It’s nearly halloween

I kind of like halloween, but I kind of don’t. I love the pumpkins, they make me very happy. I used to like the vague themes that this time of year brought with it – the odd cobweb on…



Meet “Pumpy” and “Lumpy”, two HOME-GROWN squashes who enticed the neighbourhood children to our home last night to steal all our sweets and chocolate! I thought we might be in for an egging when we ran out of and…


Big and orangey

Today we went to Asda and brought the hugest pumpkin we could find – it’s way bigger than my own head (and that’s bigger than most people’s heads, it really is – I can never get hats to fit).…