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Let the show begin

Meteorologists have been saying that when autumn finally gets started then the mild weather we’ve been having should mean it will be a very colourful one, leaf-wise. Well, I think it’s finally got started and it is indeed looking…

white horse - new forest
Digital Photography


And here we are; the last day of August. The last day of the August Break. The last day of summer? I’m rather fond of early autumn days, there’s just so much syrupy colour and texture everywhere plus the…

lonely tree - new forest
Digital Photography


One of the lovelier things about living where I do is that at this time of year everything starts turning purple – a couple more weeks and it should be full-on technicolor!…

Digital Photography

Some action (at last)

Dear 2011, so far I am liking you. You’ve given me a gentle start of lazy days at home taking it easy, the odd venture out to the forest to chase ponies with my camera, reading Sherlock Holmes stories…

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Into the darkness

I have a feeling that from here on in any photos I take are going to much more wintry than autumnal, so here’s a last look at the golden tones that have been so wonderful these last few weeks.…

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Happy days

Every day for the last week I would check out of the window and study the weather forecast hoping that we wouldn’t suffer too much in the way of wind or rain so that we would make it to…

Instant Photography

Another surprise

Look what I found in an old coat pocket… Polaroid Spectra + 1200 film I was as excited as if I’d found a £5 note (but not as excited as if I’d found a £20 note – that never…

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Bovine beauties

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t specialise in cow photography! I think that might be a niche too far though, it’s just that they’re so sweet and docile looking and they wander freely through the woods so you get…

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Horse power

I can’t think of any of those wordy things to say today, so here are a couple of ponies snapped on last weeks jaunt to the New Forest. Oh, there is one thing to say – I won a…

Instant Photography


I had a wonderful day out yesteday; out to the New Forest with a car full of cameras the wonderful Leonie (check out her blog, it’s fab)! I have loads of photos to share with you but as I’m…