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Digital Photography

So much green!

May is the month when everything turns green and it’s everywhere you look right now. That is if you’re able to get outside – a place I’ve been absent from a lot lately, and luckily that’s exactly where I was…

Digital Photography

Wild wood

I love that I get to be eye-to-eye with crazy-faced beasts if I drive for just 20 minutes from my home. And autumn in the forest is the most wonderful treat of all – I am looking forward to seeing…

Instant Photography

Fuji in the forest

My Fuji Instax 200 (the chunkiest lump of plastic you’re ever likely to meet) was the camera I grabbed to record a little trip put to the forest last week. Then I remembered I didn’t have a scanner any more so had to…

Digital Photography

School’s out (for the weekend)!

Ponies in the New Forest are allowed to wander wherever they like – even in and out of schools! Maybe they were hoping to find some discarded lunch-boxes or an unattended tuck-shop. I’ll never tire of their nonchalance and…

Digital Life Photography

Forest friends

Big news – last weekend I managed to get out of the house to somewhere that wasn’t work, the post office, Staples, or Tesco Express! No prizes for guessing where – if it’s autumn and you live near a…

Digital Photography

Woodland walk

We popped to the woods to escape the heat over the weekend – plus I wanted to try out a new little lens I’ve taken possession of recently for my Sony NEX 5R camera. Whoa, hang on – that’s…

Digital Photography


It’s just turned midnight so that means it’s now December. Wow, that went so fast! I’m finding it hard to resist the temptation of my Lindt chocolate advent calender so I thought I’s show you what (almost) December looks like…

Digital Life Photography

50 shades of brown

I spent an afternoon in the New Forest last week. Possibly it wasn’t quite as brown as the photos below are showing, but that’s my overriding memory of the place. Luckily though I rather like brown, after all it’s…

Digital Life Photography

Autumn in the forest

OK, so I can live in denial no more – it’s autumn! That’s OK though – what’s not to love about this time of year? Especially when you live next door to an enchanted forest – full of freely roaming ponies,…

Digital Photography

Wintry moments

One of my favourite activities lately is to grab a coffee when I get home from work and then browse through all the wintry gorgeousness in the 100 Days of Winter flickr group. There’s such a range of images,…