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Woodland walk

We popped to the woods to escape the heat over the weekend – plus I wanted to try out a new little lens I’ve taken possession of recently for my Sony NEX 5R camera.

Whoa, hang on – that’s a new camera isn’t it? A new lens too?

Well, in a word, yes. I had Amazon vouchers burning a hole in my pocket… the rest is histoy. I’m still testing them out before I write up a review but things are looking positive. I wanted a camera that was small and powerful and didn’t require a neck-brace and/or Sherpa’s on casual trips out – then I discovered this lens which is totally manual (it’s an adapted cine lens) – it makes the experience of using the camera (and the images themselves) quite experimental and film-like.

Like I said – more on these bad boys to follow but in the meantime here are some foresty photos from a hot and sultry woodland walk – I’m still getting used to all the controls to they’re not my best work but I can definitely see potential (the blurry edges are the lens, not me)…

new pines
tall pines
foxgloves - closer
foxgloves - closer still

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  • Reply
    leonie wise
    10 July 2013 at 07:53

    love the blurry edges. and of course you have a new camera!


  • Reply
    Betty Thompson
    14 July 2013 at 05:33

    Yay what fun with a new camera! I must say I do love the blur around the edge and find it interesting how some images have a bit more blur than others. Yes? Enjoy!

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