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Togetherness – a family photo shoot

Now that the weather has finally decided it really is autumn rather than a scorching hot summer (that was a rather unexpected but lovely few days, wasn’t it) I have become wistful for those lazy, long days of sun,…

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No use denying it

I hate to even think this, let alone say it out loud or commit it to writing, but it’s been feeling very autumnal just lately! There have been smatterings of crunchy leaves beneath the feet – just a few…

Digital Photography


Everybody responds to a face. You can’t not look at a face when it’s put before you in photographic form, they draw you in and make you look. Here are just a few amazing portraits I’ve found on flickr,…

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Beside the seaside

Here are some more photos from the weekend at Weymouth (before I got sick from too much sun, fun and ice-cream). Watching people is fun. Taking their photos without them spotting is tricky, and a bit nerve-wracking, but worth…

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Photo Friday – Professional

This lovely looking train driver was in Alresford (just up the road), waiting for passengers to board his steam train before driving off to Alton on the Watercress Line……

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Photo Friday – Success

Mark won this coconut with his first throw! Quite an achievement and it sat in our fruit bowl all through the summer… not the most accessible of fruits. It was a success in more than one way though, because…