Don’t call us…

At the moment not a day goes by without an e-mail, phone call or text message begging me to upgrade my mobile phone. Only 12 months ago the Orange man assured me this was a ‘state of the art phone that could “woohoo” (yes he actually said “woohoo”) take and send picture messages’! I think I have sent all of 4 picture messages since I got it – and they were to people sat across the office from me, just to see if it really worked!

‘I don’t want your freakin’ fancy new phones! Man alive, I’ve only just managed to figure out THIS one! It’s not like I’m carrying round a house-brick-sized apparatus which reqires a donkey and cart to haul the battery about – it’s a tiny little thing and I struggle enough to find it when it rings as it is! Unless you can let me have something that will stop people like you contacting me then I’m not interested!’

…Now why can’t I say that to them?

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