I’ve got a lot on my plate right now

What IS eating normally, can someone tell me? I was on a training session at work today, so I was lunching with people I don’t normally pass the time of day with. I ended up with a towering plate of food, and the conversation went a little like this…

Person 1: “Have my bread, I’m doing the Atkins”

Person 2: “Oh, yes, have my fries – I’m doing no carbs this month – I don’t poop anymore but I’ve lost 6 lbs in 6 days!”

Person 3: “I had too many points yesterday so help yourself to my pudding”

After pretending for a while that no, no, no, that’s FAR too much food for me – I ate the whole lot! Yes I felt ill, yes I nearly fell asleep in the afternoon session, yes I’d do it again, and yes i probably have put on another pound (and whilst I’d love to say ‘and I don’t care’, unfortunately I do).

These are the issues I have…
One – as I definately do not look like I need feeding up, do these people think i’m some sort of human dustbin? If this food is SO terrible, why give it to me!!!?
Two – How can obsessiveness about food, even if it’s an obsession on how to restrict whole food groups, be healthy?
Three – Does this mean Mrs Chapman, my Home Ec. teacher at school shouldn’t have failed me for drawing my food group pyramid upsidedown?

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    4 July 2004 at 14:48

    Chapman shmapmen!! you just keep on drawing your Pyramid any way you want girl.

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    18 August 2006 at 21:05

    I’ve had similar experiences when dining with others, and I am also at a loss as to why people think it’s polite to dump their unwanted food on their neighbors. My solution is that they simply ask that the food not be brought to them in the first place. Then nobody is tempted, embarrassed, or forced into eating too much food!

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