When the best just isn’t good enough…

Somedays you don’t want the best, or even second best, somedays only trashy will do, somedays you just want…

This is stuffing to the uninitiated, not the proper stuff, rich like pate, made with the best cuts of meat and intoxicating hebs. No, Paxo is basically dehydrated bread, dried onions and some powdered sage, which is reconstituted with water from the kettle and, if you’re being uber-kitch, rolled into little balls before baking in the oven.

It has to be butterscotch flavour – whisk it up with some milk and you have a chemically perfect, ultra-sweet treat fit for a princess (aka me).

Forget freshly squeezed pure orange juice, or even the pasturised stuff, a good stong mix of Kia-Ora orange cordial with household tap water, and perhaps a straw to top it off completely will keep you going on a sugar buzz for hours!

…today was one of those days!

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